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Product Details

The OTTB Crown logo is now available on C4 Belts! Popular with equestrians, C4 belts have been spotted on everyone from barrel racers to dressage divas! Made in America from durable thermoplastic, your OTTB belt is designed to stand up to the elements (we're looking at you, Eventers!).

Standard Size: 1.25" wide fits up to a 42" waist

Rainbow Scroll w/Clear Buckle
White & Black Checkerboard w/Black Buckle

Our Rainbow Scroll OTTB belt is a visual celebration of everything spring! From yellow to pink, from seafoam to red, your OTTBs color is represented!

Our White & Black checkerboard OTTB belt offers a more sophisticated look, without taking itself too seriously.

*additional shipping charges to Canada

Orders outside the US and Canada please contact sales@ottbdesigns.com

ottb c4 belts!


  • OTTB Belt $32

    Reg- Fits to 42"
  • Eventer's Pack $55

    Reg- Fits to 42"