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OTTB Customer Feedback

OTTB and Bright Futures Farm

"Everyone LOVED your saddle pads. They are stunning and the photos on your web site do not do them justice at all :-) Oh, and the two ladies who won your pads LOVED them! We had a lot of comments about them, so I gave them all your name and email address!"

Bev Dee
Bright Futures Farm equine charity

"I cannot express how much I love your design, the quality, and all your products! Also, NO LESS then 20 people asked me about my pads last week at the Gulf Coast Winter Classic, and I quickly spouted off, OTTB!
" - Susan K., TX

"I am absolutely thrilled with my OTTB saddle pads by OTTB. They allow me to show my pride of my OTTBs. At my first show with the OTTB saddle pads, many people complimented me on them and wonder where to get them. I told them about the website. They are outstanding quality and very eye catching."
- Erica, MD

"I got the pad today! I love it! I'll e-mail you a pic of May wearing it:). The color, emblem and thick gold cord look like it was made for Royalty!!!! Nice job! Can't wait to put in on her Saturday for our event!"
- Connie, NH

" I picked up the pad on Monday from our local post office - it is beautiful!!!!! You truly have done an outstanding job - not only on the logo but the putting together of the pad. Also I will pass your information onto any and all ottb owners that I know. Again, thank you for a great product and for supporting these worthy horses". - Gayle, Ontario, Canada

"THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I received my black saddle pad a few days ago and I absolutely LOVE it! The quality and workman is amazing. It fits my mare beautifully and looks so lovely on her! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!"
- Kristin, VT

"Hey, got my pads....LOVE them!!! Please let me now if you ever do different colors....like the black pad with silver/grey logo???? or navy with a white logo???"
- Lisa, FL

" I LOVE MY OTTB SADDLE PAD!!! Wow. The pad is better than I expected and the embroidery is some of the best work I have seen. I am so pleased with the quality, the experience and most of all the design. I live and show in the Los Angeles/Southern California area, and I am pretty much the only rider out here competing dressage on an OTTB. I am proud of her heritage and her previous career so I really try to promote the OTTB any way I can. Thank you! Saratoga loves it too!
- Jodi, CA

"Hello OTTB, Your saddle pads are absolutely gorgeous! They are also very reasonably priced for the quality of the pad and your beautiful work. Hats and sweatshirts would sure be fun, too".
- Ruth, WY

"Hi OTTB: The saddle pad arrived yesterday, it is beautiful! Mr. OTTB will like it, it's nice and thick. He's a half-leased horse, I started riding again last year, after 30 years off...I was pleased to find a nice TB to ride, as that's what I grew up on way back and what I used to do hunters and jumpers on a million years ago. This TB is off the track 10 years, but he's all TB. He even looks like one...none of this "but, he looks like a Warmblood" stuff ;)."
- Kendra, MA

" I just received my black OTTB saddle pad today. The second I saw it, I knew I needed another one. I am ordering one in red now. This saddle pad is an exceptional quality at a very reasonable price. It is extremely well made and truly beautiful. The pictures truly don't do them justice. I couldn't think of a better way to pay tribute to all the amazing OTTBs out there."
- Sarah, PA

"Hi OTTB, I got my pads today and just wanted to thank you and say they are gorgeous!!!! Thank you so much :)."
- Sara, ME

"Hey OTTB, I just got the saddle pad today and it looks really nice. I cant wait to use it on my tb. Thanks for shipping it to me."

- Valerie, VA